Witch Fingers



Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. I think that because I was’t allowed to celebrate it when I was growing up, it has made participating in it even more fun as an adult.

When I saw these cute little witch fingers online, I cringed. And that’s when I knew that I had to make them.



Just look at these little monsters! They’re creepy! Painted almonds for the nails, eerie green colored chocolate for the skin, uh… yes I’ll take 5!

These were simple to make, but I will warn you about some things I found to be tedious that I didn’t find anyone mention online.


First, painting the almonds is not an easy task. Use a small to medium painting brush ( I used an old make up brush that I don’t use anymore), and be sure to set a paper towel down between the food gel and whatever surface you’re using. Black food gel will stain. It will come off after a few washes, but my fingers where a dark purple for a day or so, so use food gloves if you have them!


Second, the recipe I found called for toothpicks to make the knuckle creases in the fingers. The chocolate I used went from too soft to too hard very quickly, and all of my toothpicks broke. I suggest using a paper clip or bobby pin instead. Just remember to wash it first!



Third, the red food coloring… that was a tough one to figure out. I tried red food gel, but it was too transparent. I tried the food coloring mist, but it eventually receded the the edged and faded. I found, however, that as the food mist dried, it became tacky, so I added one drop of regular red food coloring to the nail and spread it around. Boom. My witches now have a fabulous manicure!


Lastly, make sure that you get HALVED almonds. The regular almonds are too curved and slip off of the chocolate easily. I used whole almonds, as you can see in the post above. It’s possible to use whole almonds, but if you can get a hold of halved almonds it will make the process a lot easier.


I poured the chocolate mixture into a narrow cup to make dipping the pretzels easier.


Note here that the pretzels on the right I didn’t scrape on the edge of the glass before placing them on the baking sheet. The pretzels on the left I let drip completely before scraping the excess off. I used a paring knife to cut off the pooled chocolate from the pretzels on the right.

Okay! Let’s get started! 🙂




Pretzle Rods (I bought a regular bag of pretzel rods, but didn’t need to use all of the pretzels)

16 oz white chocolate melts

Halved Almonds

Green Food Coloring

Red Food Coloring (not pictured)

Red Food Coloring Mist (I found this at Jo-Anns Fabrics)


You Will Need 

A Microwavable Safe Bowl

Small to Medium Paint Brush

Cup to Pour the Green Chocolate Into

Baking Sheet

Wax Paper

Paper Towel

Paper Clip

Small Pot For the Stove (if you are using whole almonds)



  1. Start by adding the amount of almonds you want to use to a small pot. Fill with about 2 cups of water and bring the water to a rolling boil for 2 minutes. Remove the almonds from heat and drain. Under room temperature water, remove the skins from the almonds. That gives you the bare, light colored canvas for your food coloring. Pat completely dry.
  2. Place a paper towel down and lay out your almonds. Begin to paint half of the dried almonds black. It won’t be perfect, and that’s okay! Later on we will paint another coat to the nails to fill in the spaces. Spray the remaining half of the almonds red. Side aside to let dry.
  3. Break each pretzel rod that you are using in half and set aside.
  4. Melt your chocolate by placing it in the microwave in intervals. Start with 1 minute, stir, then repeat at 30 second intervals until your chocolate is melted (I only needed 1:30 minutes total). Add your green food coloring starting with 4 drops, then stir in more until you get the color you like.
  5. Pour the chocolate mixture into a narrow cup to make dipping the pretzels in easier.
  6. Layer the baking sheet with wax paper. Then begin to dip each pretzel into the chocolate with the broken side dipped in first. That makes the bottom half that isn’t coated look pretty and uniformed. The trick when dipping the pretzels into the chocolate is letting the chocolate drip off, and then scrape the side that is going to be on the baking sheet on the side of the glass. That keeps the chocolate from spilling over the sides of the pretzel and making uneven fingers!
  7. Place each coated pretzel on the baking sheet, and keep an eye on your chocolate. When it starts to harden slightly, it’s time to press on the almonds. After I added the red nails, I put a drop of red food coloring to make them less transparent. I also added another coat of the black food gel to cover up the empty spaces.
  8. When the chocolate is mostly hardened, take your paperclip and gently press in creases where the knuckles would be. That gives these fingers a much more realistic look, and I love it! Clean up and excess chocolate that spilled onto the baking sheet with a knife, making sure that the fingers keep they’re rectangular shape.


You can keep these in the fridge, or place them in a sealed container on the counter. I left mine at room temperature, and they lasted me about at week!




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