Why I Chose The Allure Beauty Box

In case you haven’t been on social media lately, there’s a lot of mail in beauty boxes out there. There’s the Fab Fit box (which looks awesome, btw, but the costs start at $50 to $179), or the ever-popular IPSY box, only $10 a month. But, the problem I have that holds me back from paying for the cheaper beauty boxes is my inherited sensitive skin. In the summer, when it’s 100 degrees out, my skin reacts with a bad bout of Rosacea. I also have oily skin, and if I don’t prime AND set my make up, my foundation WILL slide off by the time I get home from work. With my diva-like skin and it’s many requirements, I can’t afford to get the cheaper makeup samples in the mail. And with my similar needy budget, I can’t afford to drop $50 – $180 on a beauty box at once.

Here with the dilemma of high end beauty products on a budget, I found the Allure Beauty Box. Only $15 a month, it sends you a bold red box filled with top dollar beauty products. What’s my definition of “top dollar,” you ask? You see that bright orange bottle right there? That sucker rings in at $85 for the full size thing. But, Allure doesn’t just send you fancy things and say, “ha ha you’ll never be able to afford this, suckaah!” They send a little pamphlet with their own personal discount codes for every product. So there’s 25% off here for the most expensive, and free shipping for your whole order with Make Up Forever who sends the cute liquid lipstick sample. Meaning, if there’s anything else you wanted from Make Up Forever while you’re shopping, just add it to the bag and get your discount codes will work, too.

Let’s look at what I got in my January Box:

One and Then Some High-performance Dry Texturizing Spray instantly starts working to create effortless fullness and volume without dulling hair. FUN FACT ABOUT MY HAIR: It’s dull, fine, and lifeless. People don’t ever realize it because I throw products in there like confetti. My hair is always lit. Now, before I get into how this little aerosol can gave me better life than my dry shampoo (Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo), let me talk about the scent. It smells so good that my nose def boyfriend asked me what new perfume I just bought. My pillow keeps little whiffs of it overnight and I wake up smelling like what I imagine an angel smells like. It also lifted my roots and gave me the “I just flipped my hair over” kind of look, all day. All I had to do was run my fingers through it again to liven up the party.

in transit camera close-up   Have you ever looked at yourself in a magnified mirror and thought, “how did I    get so tired/hungover/OLD?” I have. And I’m still in my 20’s. Here’s what’s so great about this moisturizer/primer all in one. It has everything to combat tired eyes/bags/wrinkles including skin plumpers (hyaluronic acid, glycerin) and a tightener (caffeine). You need a dime size amount, then spread it on your skin. It begins by feeling waxy… a little sticky even. But just let it sit, and it melts onto you skin. It’s so cool!  Between this and the Hourglass primer I got last month in my beauty box, I no longer need expensive foundation to ensure it will stay on my oily face. I’ve been using Maybeline foundation paired with this primer and my foundation stays for 12 hours or more. It’s awesome.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum.  Sephora just lays it out for you so I’m going to paste their little tidbit here: A highly-potent, fast-absorbing serum infused with 15 percent THD ascorbate (vitamin C) to fight the look of dullness, dark spots, and discolorations, while instantly increasing brightness, radiance, and luminosity.

Solutions for:
– Uneven skin tone
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Pores

And yes. My pores have shrunk in the past 4 nights that I’ve used this. I’m not lying. The pores on my nose that always seemed to be clogged are smaller. It’s crazy. And the best part about this beauty box is they don’t hold back on you. This bottle will last me 2 months at least. It’s pretty big for a sample, and little goes a long way!

ARTIST LIQUID MATTE  LIQUID LIPSTICK In Rosewood.   I’m not a fan of liquid lipsticks. I know, I’m an alien, what planet am I from etc, etc. I  just prefer my lip gloss! My pretty butter glosses, my Dior Lip Glows. That being said, this is the best liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. I had to throw all of my Colour Pop Liquid Lippies away. They just crust so easily! Ugh. This bad boy lasted all day. ALL DAY. No crusties. I’m not a fan of the color, but I am willing to try a red from this brand now. And that’s a big step for this small alien.

Here’s a swatch of the brown eye liner, Rodial Smokey Eye Pen Brown   I’ve used it everyday since I got it. I have big brown eyes, and they’re easy to work with. In the morning, when I have 30 min for my hair, face, and breakfast, I’ll swipe this on my lid and match it with some mascara and be good to go. It’s so light that it looks intentionally smudged, like a rock star. But it’s not heavy and dark, like an Amy Winehouse type of smudge. I love it!  I’ve already bought another one!

Here’s how I used all the products (and even some from last month’s box) to create this easy, every-day look:



Now, I wanna know! What monthly box subscriptions have you singed up for? I’ve also done Bark Box for Finn and I loved it. I just need to take a break because of the Christmas holidays. Let me know what you love and what you think about the Allure Beauty Box! Are you curious to try it? Search google for a $10 code for your first box if you sign up! I don’t have one. This isn’t sponsored. But I still want you to save some money!



  1. Tiffany cress
    January 21, 2018 / 4:16 pm

    I’m going to have to try it now. And…I love that lipstick color!

  2. Kayla
    February 6, 2018 / 3:06 pm

    Definitely just signed up. Thank you!

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