Valentine’s Day Rose Gold Smokey Eye!



I’m a t shirt kind of girl. Give me chocolate and peanut butter, mac n cheese, and a metabolism faster than Berry Allen. I’ll be so happy.

Here is my last makeup tutorial for a while! It’s my Valentine’s Day gift to you. I started doing makeup tutorials because I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could. I taught myself how to use two different types of editing software, I learned the do’s and don’t’s of lighting, but yet I have never been pleased with one of my make up tutorials. I know you’re supposed to keep going and keep learning, but I want to focus all of my energy on what really makes me happy: FOOD!

I mean, looking at my recent posts to the firsts ones from just 6 months ago, my food photography skills have undoubtably improved! And, I’m so proud of myself. So, if ya’ll are okay with it, I’d like to continue making food for you… and me… and Adrian 🙂

Anyway! This look is inspired by the Anastasia Beverly Hill pallet that I got for Christmas (thanks Mom & Aunt Stacey!). My new obsession is the eyeshadow called Rose. IT’S. FLAWLESS. I wanted to blend it into a smokey eye with dramatic lashes for this holiday. I see a lot of hot pink and purple, but me personally, I love simple, classy, sexy smokey eyes.

I hope you lovely people can take a thing or two from this tutorial! Let me know which look you went for today! Tag me on my social media!

I love you all!

<3 xo




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