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cozy-sweater1-copyBeing such a shorty, it’s hard to find sweaters that don’t swallow me whole.

The regular sized sweaters lay on me like an old sack of flour, and the cropped sweaters have just the right amount snipped to make it look like I shrunk the sweater in the wash.

I’ve peeked around the petite section many times, but the sweaters there are typically stuck in one fashion style – work style to be exact.

While I love having a classic sweater in my closet, the same old same old gets boring! All work and no play makes Alisha’s closet a dull, dull place to live.

But when the right sweater comes along… I tend to get it in every color. What? It’ll be gone next week! You know it’s true!



I picked this oatmeal sweater up from Nordstrom in an x-small, and it fits just right. I think Goldie locks would be proud. (;

Sweater, Jeans, Candle, Lamp, Headboard, Night Stand


Then I found this sweater:




And my oh my, did I find the diamond in the rough!


It is THE softest sweater in my closet right now, the perfect length for just about any height, and rings in at just under $40.00. Yes, please! It comes in 6 colors total, including a burnt orange for all my Austinites out there!

Get the look here:

Sweater, Jeans (On Sale!), Boots, Purse (Sale!), Sunnies, Choker (Similar)


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