Scared Of The Gym? Work Out From Home!


For one reason or another, a lot of people actually are scared of the gym. The pressure to perform, the worry of not looking good. They’re all things that go through our mind when we enter a gym. The worst has to be when it is full of creepers, and you can just fell their eyes following you. As good of a place as the gym should be, it isn’t always the case! So, I can understand why some of you reading this will never go near a gym! So, why not consider doing it all from your home? You’ll be comfy, warm, and with a little kick up the bum, you’ll eventually be motivated. I love working out with Beach Body, but there are lots of home work out ideas found on Pinterest, too! Here are our best tips to get started working out from home. 

Set Up Your Area


The main restriction with working out from home is the space. In the gym you have such a wide range of equipment to use, and such a large space to use it in. So if you’re going to get serious about working out, and you’re really going to stick with it, you could think about converting a room into a little home gym. A lot of people use the garage, it’s cool for those horribly sweat workouts. If you don’t have a garage, you could think of building a little outhouse for you to workout in. Yes, it might cost a fair bit of money, but it will be more than worth it in the long run. If you know you’re not going to be able to afford a lump sum of money any time soon, you could try getting a loan with no credit check You can then afford your little workout room in no time, with minimal monthly payments. Within the area, you need to make sure you’ve got a wide range of weight equipment, as well as maybe a bike. You can even kit it out with a TV to make things interesting! Just make sure the fitness channel is always switched on so you aren’t tempted to watch the soaps!

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Find Your Motivation

This is going to be the hardest thing for a lot of people. Actually having that motivation to get up from your comfy sofa or bed, and workout in the home is just a challenge to much for some people. But what we recommend doing is getting up early in the morning and doing it then. You haven’t got the rush of the day weighing on your shoulders, and you’ll be nice and refreshed from your sleep you’ve had the night before.

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Now for the main part. Knowing what to workout, and how many times a week to do it etc. is the first part. The main thing you need to be doing is rotating your workouts. One day you should do cardio and abs, one day do legs, and one day do arms. It’ll give you an even toned definition all the way through. Be sure to still couple your workouts with healthy eating. Just because the cookie jar is in the next room, don’t be tempted to eat from it!


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