Marbled Oreos

I know the fourth is long gone, but I just wanted to have this post here so come back to. Think of this blog like my virtual recipe book. But with pictures. Because pretty pictures are awesome.

I’m so pleased with how these Oreos turned out, although I think next time I’m going to indulge and buy a more expensive chunk of baking chocolate. The one that I got was a cheap one from Walmart (not hating on Walmart, that is just where I found mine!), and it just didn’t melt very well. That’s why some of the cookies look a little chunky. But ya know what? You live and learn, baby! Y’all can go ahead and learn from my mistakes, I’ll keep on making them. 😛

Here’s the video on the marbled Oreo’s below!

Next time I want to do them with pink and purple food coloring! How pretty would that be?


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