How To Get That Flawless A-List Beauty Look


There are times in our lives when we want to bring the star power. We see those pictures of flawless A-listers, and although we know they have all the time, money and professional help they could wish for to keep themselves looking picture perfect, we can help but wonder what we need to know to get the same effect. Surely it can’t all be good genes, personal nutritionists and facials that cost thousands? What can we do at home to bring our beauty A-game for those special occasions?

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Prep The Basics


One of the biggest beauty secrets held by celebs? The fact that its all in the regular maintenance. You can expect to follow a minimal routine and then achieve flawless perfection overnight. The beauty basics make sure that you have the right canvas to work with, which is the only way to get a knockout effect when needed. Make sure that you are following a solid skincare routine on a nightly basis – thoroughly cleansing and hydrating your skin, keeping it protected from ageing sun damage during the day, and incorporating targeted treatments such as retinoids to guard against ageing and face masks on a weekly basis to troubleshoot issues such as dryness or breakouts. Visiting a professional dermatologist if you have specific skin concerns can be a worthwhile investment as well. Stars know that part of their jobs is looking good, so they undertake a continuous program of maintenance that makes it easier to shine brighter come red carpet season.


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Tricks of the Trade


Alongside at-home maintenance, there are certain in-salon services the stars swear by to keep their sparkle. A Shellac manicure lasts until it grows off with glossy, chip-free colour that will ensure your hands always look good. An LVL Lashes treatment will lift and tint your lashes to really open up the eyes and amplify the effects of your favourite mascara. In the hair salon, many celebrities swear by Olaplex treatments for keeping their coloured tresses smooth and shiny and stopping any fade. Don’t forget a high-wattage smile either. Professional whitening treatments can make a massive difference to how good you look in those Instagram snaps, or if you want to go a step further in the pursuit of a perfect smile, King Orthodontics can advise on correcting imperfections.


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On The Night Cheats


A few subtle additions to your makeup look on the night, such as a good contour and highlight,  will take your look from pretty to powerful. Learning how to apply false lashes, a must for a picture-perfect finish – with styles from natural enhancements to full-on drama. Clip-in hair extensions are amazing for a special look too, although I personally use and love my Hidden Crown Halo Extensions. If you don’t want super-long locks, have them trimmed to your own hair length, but they just add a nice bit of added volume that makes your look more head-turning. As it turns out, nearly all of our favorite female celebrities are wearing extensions. Similarly, good shapewear can make or break an outfit. Picking the right foundation garment for your outfit will smooth out any lumps and bumps and give you a silhouette to die for. I have two pairs of ride or die Spanx that help smooth everything out, and I  pull them out for special events. Looking like a celebrity is all about paying attention to those little details that add up to a big impact.

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