Hello there…

dress-and-tall-leavesWelcome to my blog! This is all 100% new to me, and I am excited to get the ball rolling. My goal is to make a visibly beautiful blog that inspires you to try new recipes, slay on a budget, and find  joy in the little things. I hope I can make this blog as inspirational to you as it is to me. Thank you for tuning in!

I am currently living in Austin, Texas. I live with my beau, Adrian. We have been together for over 4 years now. I am an actress, an avid food maker, and a brand new YouTuber.

You can check out my youtube channel by clicking the YouTube icon on the right–> Or above^

There you will find a few of my absolute favorite recipes! Don’t worry, there will be more to come.


Okay, I think I’ve covered the basics.

Here goes nothing!



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