My Favorite Online Boutiques

We’ve all been there, bored at work and scrolling mindlessly through social media when we see a promoted post of a super cute romper that prompts us to click on the link, knowing full well our butts are too big for rompers. Okay, I might be just talking about myself, oops!

I find myself sucked into the world of online shopping far too often than I’d like to admit. However, due to my recent bible study on Gideon and how God uses our weaknesses for His strength, I have come to the conclusion that I can use my online shopping weakness as a strength and share with you what my many hours of “research” has discovered: My top 5 go-to online boutiques! *insert smiling angel emoji’s here*

Lol! I realized that when someone first introduced me to Fashion Nova and was upset that I had never heard of them before, I could probably do someone a favor by sharing some boutiques that they had never heard of before! These are handful of my tried and true boutiques that I always come back to. They always have email offers, from 10% to 20% off, and they’re ALL affordable. So go ahead, do a little “window shopping” on me. (;



  1. Francesca’s:   One word: LOVE. This place is my go to for all things cute and affordable from head to heel. They ALWAYS have a discount available (you may have to sign up for their emails for 20% off), AND they have tons and tons of cute gift options. So when Black Friday rolls around and I need affordable nick knacks for allllll of my cousins, this is my first stop!
  2. Bohme. This one was almost first place but I went with Francesca’s because of their accessories and lower prices. This boutique is Boho chic. Their style is casual and relaxed, but still stylish enough to make a statement. They have pieces great for women of all ages! Tip: They have the BEST sweaters for fall and winter lined up already!
  3. RubyClaire Boutique:  All hail the temple of fall accessories! From super cute booties, to scarfs, to their leopard beanie (!!), this place is THE place for fall 2017. Plus! When you sign up, you get a free accessory with purchase! Yay!
  4. Make Me Chic:  A super big guilty pleasure of mine. This is where I get all of my cheap, trendy obsessions. The quality is about as good as Forever 21, but if you like finding cuter options with out going through the hassle that IS Forever 21, this is your online boutique! Bonus: they also have tons and tons of sales.
  5. The Palm Tree Boutique: Here’s why I love this place. They use RELATABLE women to model their clothes. Note I didn’t say “real” women, because yes, the skinny models are real women too. I did say relatable though, because their women are beautiful, everyday looking gals that give you an idea of what their sweater is really gonna look like on you! It’s a nice feeling. Plus, their pieces are super affordable and on TREND.

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