Christmas Oreo Truffle Stars!

Oreo. Truffles.


I say that again real slow: ooorreeoooo trruuffleesss.

Now that I have your attention, let me share with you just how easy this recipe is. You will need: Oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate melts. That’s it!

Crazy, right? And these little babies are so good, they didn’t even last a full 24 hours at my house!

Oreo truffles are typically made in ball form, but to give these an extra pinch of Christmas magic, I cut out little star shapes! 🙂 You can roll out the dough and cut out any shapes you want to. Snow flakes would be super cute, pumpkins for Halloween, and hearts for Valentines would be perfect! I just think that shapes make it more special than a regular round ball would.

Now, as you can see in this video, I am not a professional dipper! Which is shocking considering the pounds of Nutella I used to inhale in high school… But, this is the first time that I molded Oreo truffles into shapes, so I hope you’re okay with watching what worked for me and what didn’t. Let me know how you dipped your treats into chocolate and if it worked well!

Also, this is the first Alisha’s Aprons video Adrian and I have made in a few months, and I am so proud of it. We set up, filmed, and edited this one completely differently, and for the first time since we started making cooking videos, I am not nervous to share it!

Please, if you don’t want to make these cookies, just watch the video for the sake of watching it, and please give me feedback. I would love to know if you liked the new look!

Love y’all! Happy Holidays!





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