Spring Fling

Spring is finally here in Texas!
I’m sorry for all my northerners that are trapped in the snow 🙁
I’ve never had that problem! 😛

It does get deathly hot in Texas, and swamply humid. I made that word up, swamply, let’s make it a thing. So, unlike the perfect summers everyone will be having up north, we Southerns have about 3 weeks to show a little shoulder and curl our hair before the humidity takes over and ruins everything! I took down my spring clothes a couple of weeks ago and decided there were too many empty hangers. This is my first addition to my closet. What do ya think? 🙂

Real quick, I have to brag about these jeans. I pray that Adrian never finds his way to this post because if he knew how much they were ($235), I would be dead. Even though it is MY money, and I got them on sale ($180), so TECHNICALLY I didn’t do anything wrong. Also, I bought them 3 weeks ago, and have worn them almost every day since. Do you think I’m joking? Because I’m not. I literally wear them EVERY. DAY. The sales lady at Nordstrom told me that if I want them to last for years (which I do), to put them in the freezer instead of wash them. So far, I’ve washed them on cold and then set them out to dry twice. Sorry, lady! I just feel weird placing them in a freezer! What if they start to smell? Has anyone tried this?
My point of the jeans is… these are THE jeans. The jeans to end all jeans. The ONE pair of jeans. If you save up for one nice thing in your life, forget the iphones, for get the make up, get these jeans.

Shop my look below:

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